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Welcome to the homepage of the IMAGE GUIDANCE LAB! Here, scientists of the Department of Neurosurgery of Charité Berlin and the Cluster of Excellence "Image Knowledge Design" of Humboldt University Berlin work in close collaboration on an interdisciplinary project. In the Image Guidance Lab, we are doing research on diverse approaches regarding multimodal distribution of image information in planning and performing surgery, establishment of innovative strategies in terms of visualization in patient care and medical training as well as further development of non-invasive methods in analysis of eloquent brain areas.



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Focus Areas

The Image Guidance Lab is concerned with the testing and development of non-invasive methods to localize and analyze functional brain areas. This work is based on the fact that intracranial processes (e.g. brain tumors) can display major effects on the functional autonomy due to their mass effect and induction of a functional reorganization process ("plasticity"). Another core theme of this research group is the question of how to integrate multimodal image information into the clinical work flow during the surgical planning process and the actual surgery. Moreover, our research group is engaged in evaluation of new types of image presentation techniques, such as stereoscopic 3D visualizations and mixed-reality applications, in cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence "Image Knowledge Design" of the Humboldt University Berlin.

With this, the Image Guidance Lab addresses the increasing relevance of imaging techniques in planning and performing therapeutic interventions. Our interdisciplinary approach thereby enables us to mediate between practice and theory as well as industrial innovations, academic research and clinical applications. The focus of the Image Guidance Lab is on medical applications, so that acquired insights continuously have been reflected into image theory and development.

On the following pages, we would like to share our main research focuses with you:

• 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality

• Mapping of cerebral functions, fiber tracking and analyses of connectivity

• Neuromodulation and prediction

• Education and training



Project groups

Education and training

Source: Maxime Le Calve

Since the winter semester of 2016/2017, the Image Guidance Lab is working in cooperation with the Humboldt University of Berlin and with the Rice University, Houston. Medical students have the option to choose an event hosted by the Image Guidance Lab and their cooperation partners – an event called “ICONIC TURN: how pictures influence our actions“ – as a compulsory elective subject as part of their studies in medicine. In this event, participants will learn about increasingly complex and highly specialized strategies for visualization in diagnostics and therapy. Together with the Berlin Simulation and Training Center (BeST), the Image Guidance Lab develops course concepts for a pre-, intra- and postoperative, standardized application of medical technology.

Topics for doctoral dissertations and term papers

Source: Lucius Fekonja

For our main areas of expertise – the nTMS motor system- and language mapping, the nTMS-based tractography and the evaluation of novel technologies for image processing and image usage – we offer doctoral dissertation topics and term paper topics on a regular basis. Also, we explicitly invite people from non-medical fields who are interested in working with us to get into touch with us and potentially become a part of our interdisciplinary team of researchers. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the projects we are currently working on and possibilities to cooperate with us!