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The Neurosurgical Wards

The Department of Neurosurgery offers inpatient treatment, located at the Campus Charité Mitte (CCM, Ward M115 and M120), Campus Virchow Klinikum (Ward W5) as well as Campus Benjamin Franklin (Ward 12B). 

All 3 locations offer the entire spectrum of neurosurgical treatment.


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Ward M115 at Campus Charité Mitte

The Ward M115 offers over 44 beds with 10 single bed rooms.

The ward is located on the 15th floor of the main building at Luisenstraße.

All rooms are equipped with TVs, Wifi, are modernly designed and offer a beautiful view on the city.

The Ward M115 can be reached via

+49 30 450 660 774 (M115A)

+49 30 450 660 353 (M115B)

+49 30 450 560


Comfort Ward M120

Our private Comfort Ward M120 (at Charité Mitte, CCM) is an interdisciplinary private ward which offers additional convenience and service with high standards, 34 well-equipped rooms and excellent gastronomic service as well as modernly designed lounge areas.

Our team of highly qualified nursing staff provides excellent care and advice.

The ward is located on the 20th floor of our building with a beautiful view on the city.

+49 30 450 655 507

+49 30 450 7555 916



Ward 12 B at Campus Benjamin Franklin

The Neurosurgical Department at the campus Benjamin Franklin offers 13 rooms, with 5 comfort rooms.

The ward is located at the building "Bettenhaus 1" on the 6th level. 

The ward Station 12B can be reached via

+49 30 450 560 764

+49 30 450 560 996


Ward W5 at Campus Virchow-Klinikum

The Neurosurgical Deparment offers 5 beds at Ward W5 at the campus Virchow-Klinikum in Berlin-Wedding.

The ward is located on the third floor of the building "Spezialchirurgische Kliniken" at Mittelallee 2.

You can reach ward W5 via

+49 30 450 560 709

+49 30 450 560