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Dr. med. Tizian Rosenstock

Resident Physician

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Charitéplatz 1
10117 Berlin

Campus / internal address:
Bettenhochhaus, Luisenstr. 64

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Vita Dr. med. Tizian Rosenstock

Dr. Tizian Rosenstock was born and went to school in Berlin. He studied medicine at the Charité (2011-2017) and also started working there with Dr. Kay-Geert Hermann and his team in the field of skeletal radiology (2013-2018). In autumn 2013 he joined the team of the Image Guidance Lab of Dr. Thomas Picht in the Department of Neurosurgery at the Charité. Dr. Rosenstock earned his Doctorate Degree with the top grade "summa cum laude" on January 27th 2017. The topic of his dissertation was "Risk stratification in motor area-related glioma surgery based on navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation data". After successfully completing his studies in medicine he began his residency at the Department of Neurosurgery at the Charité.

Dr. Rosenstock's work mainly targets TMS-based, preoperative preparation and planning for the treatment of brain tumors located in eloquent brain areas, focusing on tumors in brain regions responsible for motor and language related functions. Being a junior team leader, he additionally is responsible for TMS measurements for children and for a novel approach in the treatment of paresis after brain tumor resections.